I was referred to Ms. Lin by my accountant. Not only was she very knowledgeable about the law and gave me expert advice on how to handle my tax situation, but she also responded very quickly. I was under a very tight deadline and she was more than able to meet that deadline. I would highly recommend her to any of my associates.


Jenny is very professional. My wife and I felt comfortable with her in our first meeting. She did not spend a lot of time in socializing. She was resourceful and knowledgeable, and current in her field of practice, and in fact I would not be surprised if she is ahead of the curve. She understood our needs and treated us as top priority. She explained things to our understanding, discussed options and gave valuable advice. Many accountants and attorneys deliver their promised service in the last minute, as if they are too busy, or you case is too complicated. Jenny kept us updated in a timely manner so we know things are being done right. It might be a small thing for a law professional, but for us it was a big relief. We know that Jenny is someone whom we can trust, and do the heavy lifting for us.


Jenny is highly professional, efficient and sensitive to her client’s needs.  She and her staff care deeply about their clients and work tirelessly for them.  When you find yourself with a tax question, Jenny is definitely the person you want on your side.


Lin Tax Law handled our recent tax matters involving foreign transactions and several accounts.  We can recommend Lin Tax Law highly for its work well done and appreciated Jenny Lin’s attention to details and accuracy in her work of obtaining and handling complicated matters involving both U.S. government and foreign tax laws and agencies.  During the proceedings, we appreciated Jenny Lin’s knowledge and always kept us fully informed.  Our tax matters were concluded to our full satisfaction.


I would recommend Jenny Lin and Lin Tax Law to anyone facing uncertain tax issues.  My Mother’s multiple tax issues and the chaos of her files were all taken care of with concern and patience by Jenny and her firm.  My Mother had unfiled returns, back taxes and penalties.  Jenny identified possible problems early and helped me through it all by making my options clear so that I could make informed decisions on how to proceed. While working to close the case, she made sure I was protected from liability, but still closed the case in a timely fashion.  Jenny was also very good at communicating with my lawyer and other advisors to make sure everyone was on the same page for my case. I highly recommend Jenny and her staff.


We worked with Jenny Lin on a quite complicated tax and overseas asset reporting compliance issues with IRS. It involved tax filing and asset reporting many years in retrospect, and the process took more than two years to reach conclusion. She has extended experiences in tax issues involving overseas incomes and assets. She also worked effectively with a reputable independent CPA firm she recommended to my case. Under her guidance, we completed all information collection and tax re-computation for many years. She successfully answered many tough questions from IRS. Put a long story short, the end result turned out to be the best possible outcome. Her professional skills, rigorousness in fact finding, and personal integrity must have won the trust from IRS agents, to the extent that the facts she presented was met with easier acceptance and hence achieved the best outcome ending. Comparing with the case complexity and results achieved, her fees are deemed very reasonable.

N.H. & C.L.

Jenny represented me in 2 cases. She was very hands on & got favorable results for me in both cases. I highly recommend her for tax matters.